Mood Boards provide colour inspiration. One Rug, different colourways at the click of a button - well, almost...

We often get Interior Designers and clients, who are renovating or building, email us their colour concepts for a key space in their home. It tends to be a space in the home where it all comes together - the furniture, the drapes or window treatments, the soft furnishing and even the art & objects - this is the place where the colour matters most.

We can relate to this and offer assistance. By sending us your mood board, links to images to your liking or examples of what you have seen and like, and we can take rugs made in the past, and alter the colours to suit that space.

View the examples below.

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Mood Boards

Whi Hue works for You?

The only thing that can happen with searching for colour inspiration, is that nekminute….2 hours later, you have 50 images saved and you are completely confused and overwhelmed, but utterly inspired. If that is the case - contact us and we can use our experience in fibre, practicality of colour combinations and our knowledge of how you live with colours on the floor to assist in diluting the rather large list!

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