Runners to make your entrance count.

Hallway Runners – what to consider – through the eyes of CRONZ….

When you enter a space, be it your home or business, it speaks volumes about you from the get go. It talks about your style in association as to how ‘out there’ or ‘in there’ you are, your colours which relate the mood, and even how many people are likely to go through this well-trodden space. The hallway is also the space that connects the rooms, the individual spaces of the premises. It is the link, and some say the hub of the home or business.

We have some tips to consider when selecting a runner:

New Zealand Wool is forgiving and hides all sins (almost). Wool is dirt resistant and manages to keep moisture off footwear on the surface, thus allowing you to clean it up before it creates havock. That might not be so for a year 3 rugby team, but for your day to day wear it is still the best solution so that you won’t be constantly cleaning wooden or tiled floors. Reed more on wool here.

Colour – hallways are THE space to add colour, as you pass through them rather than spend a lot of time in. As such, consider colour combinations from our endless range of colours that allow you to express the daring side of you. You can then balance this with artwork that picks up on the colours in the runner, or vice versa, and have huge impact that pleases every time you do pass through. See our colours.

Pattern – a way to introduce textures and designs into a space, while adding practicality. A pattern, either subtle with textural pattern or graphic contrasting lines, adds interest, makes a space contained and allows many feet to work it without requiring constant upkeep. We have both textural designs and coloured patterns galore, or come up with one of your own. See more here…

We have found an articles that talk about different hallway designs. We like this one, as it goes through the different adjectives of how each element of design impacts on the visual and emotional impact of the space. View here.


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