Curated rug collection

The feeling of ‘wow’ or ‘ahhh’ when walking into a space is emotive. Emotions are evoked by stimulating senses, which, for most of us, happens at a subconscious level. Design is there to play with this subconsciousness, and we believe that the well selected anchor of a rug or carpet contributes to the result of good design.

At CRONZ, we offer a palette of colours, textures and patterns to work with. The potentials are boundless, as each rug or carpet is made to order, specific to stipulated requirements.  This choice can be overwhelming, so to assist with the process of selection we offer two different options:

  • custom design: individually designed and created to your wishes.
  • curated design: a selection of designs then edited to your colour and size requirements.

This is our curated collection of rugs. Each design is available in over 100 colours, and made to a size specified by you. 

Need help selecting? For tips on how to select, click here.

**Please click on each image to see the design in different colours.  



A Few New Designs to Ponder...

When all activity goes outside for summer, there is less focus on interiors. However, now is the perfect time to plan ahead for next winter, when the cold hits and our houses in New Zealand are slightly underwhelming in the heating department.

Here are a few ideas for inspiration....a sample is just an email away...

Standard Collection