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EDM April 2019 CRZ, V1 blue tones Abrash Carpet.jpg

Introducing ABRASH

Striation of Colour in Fibre

In nature, colours merge and flow in surfaces such as ice, rock or earth, forming sweeping and unpredictable movement of colour in shades of light and darkness. At CRONZ, we have taken that as inspiration and designed a carpet to reflect this seemingly uncontrollable movements -  in a predictable way. 

Our in-house design team have developed a design to distribute any colour in variety of shades and combinations, giving the effect of the movement that nature so effortlessly manages. With us, however, it is controlled to the most-minute detail. 

ABRASH is made out of singles yarn (380/1 tex) of pure New Zealand wool. Should you desire a more luxurious, high design effect, the base yarn of wool can be combined with silk for sheen and elegance. The tonal effects and reflection of light is enhanced with this selection, creating an exquisitely elegant look & touch. With both yarn selections, ABRASH is tufted and shorn to be high density, high quality custom carpet with a luxurious finish.

The design of the tuft, selection of yarn and multi-coloured selection, ABRASH can be used in a high foot traffic area of a family house or resembling colour palette of a corporate environment. ABRASH provides the solution to set the scene for unique style and comfort.


ABRASH exhibits striation of colour as nature defines. By controlling the percentage of colours and colour contribution, each carpet is one-of-a-kind and utterly customised to the customers’ needs. Select three tonal colours, or two tonal and one contrasting colour, and the CRONZ team form a unique striated effect to suit your style.      

By controlling the percentage of colours and colour contribution, each Abrash carpet is one-of-a-kind and utterly customised to the customers’ needs.