At CRONZ, the potential is boundless - this is what we love - possibilities that inspire unique creativity. Before committing to a large scale rug or carpet, we like to make sure we are all on the same page with colours and selected design. There is nothing like holding the actual product in your hand, placing it in the right light and merging the colours with those of the rest of your palette.

As such, you will receive:

Selection of colour poms

Selection of colour poms

Colour Pom:

Different designs stipulate a different number of colours. For an edited product from the  curated collection, this is visible here. For a custom design, this will be discussed as part of the brief and design development. To view the selected colours in person, the first step is to receive colour poms. 

Colour chips

Colour chips

Colour Chip:

Colour chips display one colour in two different tufting styles. This is important when having a rug or carpet where there is negative detail to exhibit a design (click here for example). A loop pile and a level cut pile will reflect the light in a different way, and the intensity of the dyed yarn changes. This is an ideal way to have one colour, but have a slight tone-in-tone effect for your palette.

A Sample being hand finished

A Sample being hand finished

Rugs drying after having latex applied.
A rug displaying the edge binding.

Unique sample:

The final step in the process is the sample in A4 size (8.5" x 11" - USA Letter size). For a design from the curated collection, you will receive the design in your selected colours. For a custom rug, you will receive a portion of your design in the colours and materials you have selected.

We guarantee that you select your individual sample within 10 days of your colour decision from the curated selection, and within 10 days* of your design sign off and colour selection (*conditions apply). And this is world-wide.






Your rug or carpet will be finished with care and precision, to have a long lasting, durable and satisfactory result. 


Each rug or carpet is finished with a latex coating to ensure the yarn stays true to the form and design. This provides a long lasting result for the endurance of your rug or carpet.



Your rug is bound with a cotton or jute material, generous in size and folded to perfection. This binding will be in a light or dark colour, depending on the colour of the rug or to desired specifications. 

The side angle displays view of the rug when it is new. After a few weeks, sometimes sooner, the rug relaxes and the binding/edge becomes invisible.