We love that you love your rug or carpet....so here are some tips for caring for it.


1. Vacuuming

Regular cleaning with a good vacuum clearer is required to remove surface dust and prevent undue build-up of material that could harm the rug and carpet. Cleaning must be carried out by professional cleaners that have full knowledge of the equipment and chemicals that they use. Any chemical or solution used to clean the carpet should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and should be used in a test area prior to proceeding to all areas. Our products are colour fast to New Zealand Standards. We recommend cleaning of the carpet by professional carpet cleaners. Cleaning by hot water extraction (steam cleaning) can product excellent results provided that it is carried out by a competent and qualified operator. We recommend that carpet is spot cleaned using water and dried by using a fan blower. Small blow heaters on cool setting are effective. If a carpet is left wet then a mould can form on the backing and a stain can appear on the carpet pile.

2. Water-Based Stains

Lightly blot up liquids with paper towels or an absorbent cloth immediately and leave to dry completely before using a dry powder clean.

3. Spot and Spill Removal

Spot cleaning is not recommended where delicate fibers such as cotton, linen, art silk, silk or bamboo are present. Stains can be easily prevented by acting quickly when spills occur. Scoop up solids first, Blot up liquids with paper towels or absorbent cloth. It is recommended to consult professional cleaning services for a steam clean.

4. Oily or Greasy Stains

Use dry powder clean only or consult professional cleaning services for a steam clean.

Care instructions

1. Positioning

Depending on the foot traffic, and if pattern allows, rotate your rug regularly. Turn this around maybe once a year for even and balanced wear. Where possible do not allow direct sunlight on your rugs and carpet. All fibers are subject to fade through time when exposed to UV light.

2. Installation

The carpet must be installed according to the requirements of the relevant New Zealand Standards. If due to movement of furniture or excessive traffic the carpet shows any sign of rippling then we recommend that it be re stretched as soon as possible to ensure that damage to the carpet does not appear.

3. Shading

Applicable to cut pile carpets including velour plush and twist pile styles. “Shading” (watermarking or permanent pile reversal) can often occur in cut pile carpet due to unknown factors other than traffic and is not a manufacturing fault. The presence of “shading” in a carpet does not affect the life or durability of the carpet.