Nature's gift - New Zealand Wool

the humble sheering shed., where it all begins.

the humble sheering shed., where it all begins.

Wool is a natural, renewable fibre that is grown continuously all year round. Under the right conditions wool is totally recyclable. Once a rug has reached the end of its life the wool can be returned to the soil and composted. CRONZ uses wool that originates New Zealand. Wool from New Zealand has a unique whiteness, which is ideal for producing light and sophisticated fashionable shades. It also has the ideal properties for dye absorption.

the girls, just after having a hair cut

the girls, just after having a hair cut

The wool yarn that CRONZ uses is relatively thick and has coarse fibres that make our rugs hard-wearing and durable. Wool has a natural fat coating that makes it dirt repellent. This combination of factors means that your rug can be walked on, played on and lived on for many years. Because wool does not burn like other fibres, wool rugs are ideal for locations with special fire requirements  and do not need to be treated with flame retardants. Another advantage of wool is its low risk of triggering allergies, since it traps dust and dirt particles. 

NZ Wool is colour-fast

The complex structure of wool ensures that colour is drawn right into the very heart of the fibre where it becomes locked in at a molecular level. Because the colour is locked into your New Zealand wool carpet, it can’t be rubbed off by walking, furniture movement and other scuffing activities and will retain its good looks longer. 

NZ Wool is pure white

Exceptionally white, clean wool is essential when it comes to achieving delicate, light fashion colours. New Zealand sheep graze on open pasture under conditions that produce the whitest natural wool so you have an unsurpassed choice to match even the most subtle of decor requirements.

New Zealand sheep are bred especially to create wool for the world’s finest carpets. Contaminants like black fibres are avoided, allowing light, fashionable shades that are not possible with wool from other sources.

Dye Absorption

Because of its high protein content, wool naturally absorbs dyes which make their way into the wool and attach themselves to the many receptive sites it offers. This natural affinity for dye is the reason why New Zealand wool carpets come in such a myriad of fashion shades and design combinations.

New Zealand wool is particularly good because of its absorption of dye because its unique properties that have been bred into the sheep over time. The depth of shade and clarity of colour from New Zealand wool cannot be achieved on any other fibre.

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