Why Cronz? 

This is why....in a nut shell.


  • We make you look good, by delivering individualized, bespoke products for you or your clients.

  • We break the mould: no shape, design or process is too hard for us to tackle.

  • You send us your mood board, we create the file. The file creates the product, the result is true to file.

  • Our engineering background gives us the ability to tackle even the most difficult designs.

  • We have two easy options:

    • you edit in colour, size and shape to your requirements from our curated collection of designs. Individuality based on proven, successful styles

    • OR, you customize in every way: shape, colours, patterns, yarn combinations - the only boundary is your imagination.

Service & Manufacturing

  • Our bespoke service means we can deliver fast, efficiently and without minimum quantities for customisation.

  • Our customer service comes from the heart, with care, attention to detail and dedication to making your project or home look good. Near enough is not good enough, we aim for perfection, regardless of size.

  • Our sample delivery is 10 days world-wide.

    • For designers, architects and specifiers, this is 10 days from initial contact, to showing your client what you can customize for them. That makes you look good.

    • For home renovators, this is fast turn time at a time when multiple decisions have to be made. You can decide and relax...then enjoy.

  • We display transparency during the design and manufacturing process, connecting you to the heart of our operation.

  • Ethical manufacturing - you can feel good about working with a transparent process, no child labour or sub standard practices.

  • Sustainable footprint: the sheep are up in the hills, the wool is scoured down the road, the dying is up the island....all maximum impact with minimum footprint.

We believe we are the best at what we do, combining creativity, design sensibility and technical innovation with the quint essential New Zealand, world-wide recognised material, Wool, to create exceptional bespoke rugs and carpet.

"The only boundary is your own imagination."